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  1. April {Photos}

    April 22, 2013 by Hannah Jane

    During the month of April (thus far, that is… the month isn’t quite over yet)…

    Caleb realized that he no longer fits in the baby swing…

    Note:  I know that a photo-heavy post can be incredibly annoying for those with slow internet, and so I’m not going to post umpteen photos on the main page of my blog.  If you’re on the main page, you’ll have to click through to read this post in its entirety. (more…)

  2. Snapshots

    February 4, 2013 by Hannah Jane

    (Since I don’t feel like writing much right now, and because it has been quite some time since I’ve posted photos on here… I’m simply going to caption a few photos from the year thus far.)

    We got some snow.  Only about a half-inch or so, but that’s better than nothing…

    Caleb decided to chew on the snow.  It’s probably not too surprising that he didn’t stay outside long, but came inside complaining that he was cold… :D

    We got a new puppy! His name is Scout, and he’s already grown quite a bit since this photo was taken…

    Esther Ruth

    Joe, climbing a tree…

    Caleb, setting up the chess board.  He doesn’t yet know how to play chess, but this much he can do.

    Mowing the lawn…

    Digging seems to be the new favorite activity of the little kids.  They don’t really have any reason to be doing it, but they spend hours of their time on it.


    Joe, playing basketball… (ugh, blur.)

    We celebrated Dad’s birthday almost a month late, due to the flu and a variety of things which kept coming up and keeping us from getting to it… :P

    (Dad’s birthday)

    Myself, in need of a hairbrush. :P


    Stephen and Joseph

    Abbie’s wee mud “snowman”.

  3. One decade ago today…

    February 21, 2012 by Hannah Jane

    A decade ago today, Momma told Stephen, Lizzy, and I to go pack overnight bags, that we were going to stay with our friends for that day and possibly overnight.   We went to our bedrooms and pulled out some clothes and stuffed them into bags.

    “You’re going to get a new baby brother or sister today!” Dad and Mom told us as we tromped into the car.  We celebrated and bounced up and down and were a little bit scared, all at the same time.

    They dropped us off at the residence of the P__ family, then continued on to their destination.

    Our young minds quickly left the topic of new baby and refocused on playing with the other kids.  We found the playmobils and guided them through an adventure.  We went outside and played on their swing set.  We played checkers on a big cracker-barrel style mat thing.  We went on a walk around the block with them and their mom.

    And then that evening, while coloring pictures with the family’s only girl and Lizzy, using markers from a butterfly shaped art case, I was handed the phone.

    “Hi Hannah!” come Dad’s voice “you have a new baby sister!  Her name is Esther Ruth.”