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  1. Finished Project {Envelope Wallet}

    February 15, 2014 by Hannah Jane

    I’m the type of person who likes lists and charts and organizational stuff, so the Dave Ramsey envelope system has always appealed to me. At this point I really don’t have enough expenses to make it needful, but I’ve been using it anyway. But after stuffing ugly paper envelopes into my wallet until they were nearly falling apart, I was getting tired of the less-than-lovely appearance. A quick Google search brought up multiple envelope wallet tutorials and ideas, and this is what resulted.



    I used this method to print on fabric – I was originally thinking to print fancy text labels on each envelope, but decided to use various graphics and such instead – that way, if I want to change up my categories I can do so easily.  To me, the graphics I chose for each category makes sense (e.g., a vintage sewing machine for crafts) but I could switch them around if I want to later.

    Most wallet tutorials had the envelopes stitched into the wallet, with zippers to secure them better.  I didn’t have zippers on hand, I don’t like sewing zippers when I don’t have to, and I wanted to be able to remove the envelopes – so I just made simple pockets instead.  They’re tight enough that my money isn’t going to fall out, and the button on the main wallet is more than enough to keep everything tightly secured when it’s all put together.


    Inside the wallet is a cardholder/mini pouch – this was the most confusing and frustrating part of making the wallet.

    (Oh, and for the record:  I don’t live in Pell City.  If I did, I’d have removed the library card before photographing this; I’m not going to publicly announce my location for any creepy people to find.  *ahem*)

    DetailThis is a closeup shot of the button.  (Duh.)

    I don’t like hand sewing.

    I really don’t know why I’m giving you a closeup shot of my lame hand sewing.


    Oh well.  Whatever.


  2. Creative Space: My Desk

    October 21, 2013 by Hannah Jane

    Shannon over at Thoughts and Thimbles is hosting a “Creative Spaces” link-up.  I’ve decided to join in the fun, not so much because I have a terribly interesting creative space (A.K.A. my desk) but because I needed some extra motivation to finish organizing and spiffing up certain areas which *ahem* needed a little work. ;)

    Although my fabric stash is stored in boxes in a closet halfway across the house, the vast majority of my sewing and crafting is done here, at my desk.


    It’s small, somewhat scratched-up, and there is almost no storage space in or near it.  Nevertheless, I am really grateful for it (especially because my parents gave it to me for free!) and I love the freedom of not having to work at a table which has to be cleared off for every meal. :)

    Since my working space is quite small, I try to keep the amount of “permanent items” on it to a minimum.  It ends up looking rather spartan between projects, but most of the time I’m working on something or other and I’ve got papers, notebooks, fabric, my sewing machine, or some other items covering the top.  A basket full of “vital” various papers sits on top, along with a candle, which is my sole decoration at the moment.  Barely visible in this photo is my apron, which hangs from a thumbtack on the side of my desk.

    CandleThis candle was a souvenir from a vacation to Gulf Shores.  The leaves are hiding the fact that the bottom half of the candle is covered with shells and such.  If you look carefully at the wall, you’ll see that the paint on the wall is scratched – letting the previous layer of paint show through.  I don’t know who decided to paint the room baby blue before we moved in, but I’m glad we re-painted it.  :P

    before (Pardon the blur, please.)  This was my top drawer before I spiffed it up-


    And this is after. :)

    Although I’ve been planning to re-cover these boxes and such for quite some time, it was one of those things which didn’t happen until I had some reason (read: this blog post) to get it done.  All I really did was print out a couple interesting patterns/pictures (chevron stripes, sheet music, world map, and part of the Bill of Rights), wrap them around the boxes, and add the labels.  Simple, but it makes me happy.  :)

    P1050797The top left drawer -
    The boxes in this drawer were wrapped up several months ago, though it wasn’t until recently that I labeled them.

    Middle drawer

    This is the left middle drawer – it holds my Bible (which is currently in need of a new Bible cover) and a couple other notebooks, my garden seeds, and memory flashcards.

    bottom drawer

    And finally, this is the bottom drawer, where I keep my latest sewing project(s).  Right now it holds my semi-finished quilt top, which I’ll hopefully complete and turn into a quilt in a month or so.

    Unfortunately, my desk doesn’t always look this tidy.  When I’m working on it, of course, it is a “productive mess”.  But even when it’s not being used, I’m afraid it tends to collect all kinds of items if I’m not careful to constantly weed out the unnecessary items.

    For example: I had to pull a cow out from underneath the desk before taking these photos.  (Err… no, not a real cow.  Just a four-inch plastic one.  I don’t invite real cows into the house, that would be silly.)

    Eventually, I’d love to have a larger area with more storage space and room to work.  Right now sewing something requires me to collect items from all over the house, as the fabric, ironing board, and iron are all kept in totally different areas of the house.  It’s not a big deal, but it would be more convenient to have them all right at my fingertips.

    I also love the way Shannon has mini fabric bolts organizing her fabric.  My fabric is currently stuffed in boxes, and despite my good intentions, those boxes are always messy – there isn’t any way to find fabric other than to rummage through the box, which inevitably leads to a mess.  If I had a bookshelf – or even just a shelf - I’d love to adopt that idea, but at the moment I’ll just have to file the idea away and hope that I can use it someday.

    doilyI’ll finish up this post with a photo of this doily, which I made because I love the way pineapple patterns look.  What I didn’t realize, however, was that each point was crocheted one-at-a-time, which meant that this little coaster-sized doily took me far longer to complete than I expected.  :P

  3. Chair Cushion Redo

    August 31, 2013 by Hannah Jane


    Before.  A decent chair with a pathetic excuse for a cushion.  You can’t really tell from the picture, but it was stained, lumpy, and sad-looking.


    I apparently wasn’t the first to decide that the seat needed a face-lift – but I was the first, it seems, to actually remove the previous layers.


    It soon became apparent, however, that more than just the fabric would have to be replaced.  The stuffing (or whatever it’s called) was turning to dust, and the wooden board underneath was falling apart.



    Stephen was kind enough to create a new seat for the chair – which is good, because I was worried for little there that I’d bitten off more than I could chew.  :P


    I used a bag of stuffing and some cotton quilt batting to add a cushion, and then covered it with fabric.


    P1050227The finished result – a much nicer looking chair.  :)

  4. A Bucket List…

    July 25, 2012 by Hannah Jane

    …of things which I’m currently thinking about.


    Millennialism and Social Theory, (Book) by Gary North.  I’m currently about halfway through the book, and so far I’ve enjoyed it immensely.  If you have the time, go and read it.  You can get it for free here, if you don’t mind reading from a screen or printing it out yourself.  (plus, it looks like the American Vision bookstore has the physical book also listed at $0.00 right now, with the option of free shipping!  Now you don’t have any excuse for not getting the book!:D)


    Cameras. I’m trying to save up for one, and I’d welcome suggestions from anyone who has had experience buying (non point & shoot) cameras. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Canon…


    Why Political Change is Often So Slow (Sermon), by Pastor Kayser.  I downloaded this onto my ipod quite a while ago, but just got around to listening to it this past week.  I’d highly recommend you listen to (or read) this, as it deals with the concept of voting for principle much better than I ever could.


    Watermelon. One of the few things I truly love about summer. :D (I’m more of a cool-weather girl, myself)


    Homeschool Alumni.  I recently joined…are any of you on there?


    Sewing.  One of my last projects was a dress for Abbie which I made from a pattern I drafted from one of her favorite dresses.  I tend to take rather lengthy breaks from sewing after I get tired of it, but I did get a little bit done today.


    Leah’s Labyrinth (Blog) by Leah Smith.  I’ve also been wanting to purchase her book, Diapers, Dishes & Dominion, but haven’t had the chance yet.


    Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins. I was going through one of my endless huge enormous rather large stacks of “recipes to try” when I came upon this recipe. It sounded good, albeit slightly odd, so I made it. Turned out very yummy, if I don’t say so myself. :D


    Pocket College. I’d really like to make my way through these lectures, but it costs a dollar or two per lecture to download, and since I don’t have unlimited computer access, it isn’t really practical for me to try and listen to the lectures from the website.  Ideas, anyone?


  5. Deadly Red Ties and Other Random Musings

    March 20, 2012 by Hannah Jane

    Pulling into church last Sunday morning, our family was surprised to see multiple police cars scattered throughout the parking lot.  We are currently not attending one particular church and are instead visiting various congregations in the area, so we were not present for any announcements given the previous week.

    Once we reached the lobby area, Mom was pulled aside by an excited church member who let her know that “Newt Gingrich is coming here today!  He’s going to go right through those doors!”  After politely exiting the conversation, Mom slipped over to the rest of us to give us the news.  Our reactions ranged from “Eww! Yuck!” to “Who’s he?”, but we managed to make our way to the balcony without too much commotion.

    Thankfully, the service was not at all focused on Newt, and at the end when the Pastor did mention him, he made sure to state that Jesus was the most important visitor.  Nevertheless, “our” pew was conspicuously still and silent when everyone else was applauding and welcoming Gingrich.  I was deeply disappointed in how excited so many seemed at the prospect of meeting him – if we had been in some place other than church, I would have been tempted to boo or start chanting ‘End the Fed!’.

    Had Obama or Clinton or someone else wearing a blue tie been there instead that day I doubt that they would have received such an enthusiastic welcome – but because Gingrich wears a red tie, no one seems to look twice at the fact that he is otherwise indistinguishable from many liberals.  Ugh.  Red ties are quite deadly, I’m afraid.  So far they’ve managed to do much are harm to our country, and I’m surprised that many continue to be blinded by them.


    Those of you who aren’t new here likely notice that I’ve changed my background theme. (yet again!)  Hopefully this one is for keeps.  I like it, even thought the html has proved slightly difficult to manipulate.  If any of you note any bugs, flaws, or ugly stuff I’d be thankful if you’d leave me a comment pointing them out.

    In other news, google has discontinued the friend connect gadget for all non-blogger sites.  Since I’ve been double posting to my old blogger blog lately, anyone “following” me there will still get updates in their blogger news feed, although it’ll be more hassle than before.  If you know me in person/know me well enough that you know my full name feel free to “friend” me on facebook, (no guarantees that I’ll confirm, though!) but if not, sorry…


    It’s been different lately with no real baby around the house.  For the first time in about decade there are no diapers to change, no burp rags to fold, no little one to “fight” over… In a way it’s sort of sad, because unless God sends another sibling, that chapter of our family’s life is finished.


    My days lately are filled with school.  Trying to finish up twelfth grade and “graduate” from my days of formal schooling has me busier than I’d like to be, but thankfully I’m in the home stretch now.  Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed, although I’m a perfectionist and the overwhelm is mostly my own fault, I think.

    I’m also trying to figure out what to do after graduating.   Taking over schooling some of the littles is an option, although right now I think Mom is doing a better job than I would be able to.  I’d also like to find a way to get some sort of income, although I’d prefer for it to be from home or self employed.  Photography is something I really want to look into, although I’d need a better camera than the one I -er, Mom – has.  Heh.

    Anyway, if you’ve read through this far I congratulate you.  Thanks for bearing with my rambling.

  6. The Making of a Doily

    July 14, 2011 by Hannah Jane

    Note: this is a re-post, since this post disappeared on me before.

    They sat together, both around 9 years of age, playing with the yarn.

    “Do you know how to crochet?” asked one of the girl to the other

    The answer was no, so the first little girl taught the second girl chain stitch.

    It was very awkward at first, and it was not till years later that the second girl learned the proper finger positions, but they still had fun.  Afterwards she walked off with a gift given to her by the first girl – about one foot of pink yarn.

    Using a pencil, she would play with that little bit of yarn, meticulously using her fingernails to lift one loop over the other till all the yarn was used.  And then she would pull it apart again and do it all over again.

    Her mother noticed this, and gave her a real crochet hook and a small ball of yarn to work with.  Over and over the little girl would make chain stitch strands, some up to four feet in length.

    Although she had chain stitch down pat by this time, the real concept of crochet was lost on her.  She even attempted to make a baby hat for her little brother by sewing the chain into a coil, but that took forever.

    Somehow or other she picked up slip stitch, but all her little scarves ended up as a pathetic triangle.  Besides that, crocheting a one inch square took almost a half-hour.

    Not long after that, her family attended a little class put on by those who now run  The boys worked on a bench swing, and the girls did various handicrafts.

    One of the crafts which was once taught was crocheting.  Each student received a ball of cookies-and-cream yarn, and they were taught single crochet and double crochet.

    The girl made a washcloth, but it was quite small with four inch sides.  However, a whole new world had been opened to her, and the awkwardness dissipated with practice, despite the fact that she still was not holding the yarn or hook right.

    A book which demonstrated crocheting for left-handed people was soon found, and the girl learned treble crochet, crocheting in the round, and much more.

    Eventually, the correct positions for holding everything was learned.

    For her 16th birthday

    Last year, that little-girl-who-was-no-longer-so-little received something she had been wanting for a long time:  steel crochet hooks.  All her other crochet projects were temporarily forgotten as she played around with making lace and doilies.

    After playing around quite a bit, and making a variety of things, she decided to venture on without a pattern.

    This venture  took her a while, since she was simply making the pattern up as she went, life was remarkably busy, and without a time limit she only did a little every so often.  One year and two months after her 16th birthday, it was finally done.


    While blocking it, she used her Mamma’s new camera to snap a couple of photos for this post.

    Close up