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Pizza Night!

February 18, 2012 by Hannah Jane

Pizza;  food, The ever popular round cheesy thing with a variety of toppings.  Normally featuring a crust, a tomato sauce layer, and a cheese layer, with other additions on top.

I’ve found that the illustrious Pizza varies from state to state.

In New York, extra large with a thin crust, scanty amount of sauce, and thin layer of cheese.

In Chicago, thick with a lot of toppings.

In the Mid-West, eaten with almost any topping imaginable – salsa, ranch dressing, spinach, lettuce, tomato chunks, you-name-it.

At our house, homemade.  Two Supreme.  Two plain cheese.  Two something-elses.  All prepared and eaten {almost} every Friday night.

A lot of people don’t seem to understand why we choose to make pizza when it would be so much simpler to buy takeout or frozen.  The reason is not one of convenience, but of flavor.  (Besides the fact that homemade pizza is so much better for you!)

(Warning: picture-heavy post.  Click through at your own- and your browsers – risk!)

Thus the hour 1700 on a Friday night will find us in the kitchen, pulling out our pizza ingredients and mixing them together.

 First appears the Brown Sugar or Sucanat.  Two tablespoons of one or the other is put into our biggest bowl.  Two tablespoons of Salt follow, along with 6 Tablespoons of Instant Yeast.

 6 cups of Water are put onto the stove to warm up…  (Here I got the water too hot, hence the bubbles.  It ought get up to around 110 degrees Fahrenheit.)

…and then poured into the yeast mixture…

…and then mixed with the yeast.

3/4 cup of Olive Oil is added.

As are several cloves of Garlic (to taste).

Abbie jumps up onto the counter, grabs a spoon, and helps me stir.


I gradually pour in about 15 cups of Flour, sort of stirring it in between cups.

Abbie tries to help stir, but the mass is too thick for her.

So I attempt to stir it in, but finally dispair of doing so with a wooden spoon.

 Given’ up on the wooden spoon, remove rings and/or bracelets, shove in hands, knead.

Spread flour on counter, dump grapefruit size lump on flour…

…get out the rolling pin, begin rolling out dough, give up on taking photos for a little while.

Then I carefully pick up the dough and quickly transfer it onto a heavily cornmeal-dusted pizza stone or cookie sheet…

…roll up the edges, repeat six times.  Then it’s on to the sauce…

Nothing too fancy here.  Just your average tomato sauce, enhanced with Pizza Seasoning.

Then we add the cheese, mozzarella with a dusting of Parmesan (Entirely optional.  You can also add cheddar or other cheeses, if you so desire.)

Someone cuts up veggies for supreme.  When we have it, we also try to add pepperoni, beef, or chicken so as to add some protein for our ever-hungry guys.

The Beef Pizza, uncooked.

The supreme, ready to consume.

As well as the Cheese!

Our Pizza recipe makes more than 6 pizzas, but I’ve halfed this amount below.

Homemade Pizza

makes about 4-5 large pizzas

3 Cups Warm Water (about 110 degrees)

3 Tablespoons Instant Dry Yeast

1 Tablespoon Sucanat/Sugar

1 Tablespoon Salt

1/3 Cup {Olive} Oil

7-8 Cups Whole Wheat Flour (or all purpose, if you don’t have WW)

Combine first four ingredients, stir.  Add the oil, then mix in the flour, kneading by hand once it gets thick.  Roll out on a heavily floured surface, place on Pizza Stone or cookie sheet.  Add desired toppings.  Bake at 500 degrees for 10-15 minutes.  Bon Appetit!

{Topping Suggestions}









Sun-dried tomatoes



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